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Seats to Streets Live is an in-person tailored learning experience for you, your staff, church, or missions team. Whether you’d like to create a serving pipeline in your church, build an effective short term missions trip program, or develop deliberate partnerships to reach Unreached People Groups, Seats to Streets Live in-person training seeks to equip you with the tools to become strategic and intentional with your local and global missions.

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When you google the definition of a cohort, you see that it is “a group of people banded together or treated as a group”. You also will see that it’s an ancient Roman military unit too! While the later seems awesome, let’s stick with the first part.

Seats to Streets Live Cohorts are online groups that meet once a week to focus on a specific topic. A cohort is a small-time commitment with a limited number of seats at the table. All of that is designed to respect your schedule and ensure that conversation is taking place.

If you are looking for a collaborative learning format focused on local and global missions then a Seats to Streets Cohort is perfect for you.

Cohorts will be added in the coming weeks, check back here for upcoming cohorts and their details.

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Adding a voice and practical tools through your earbuds on the subject of missions and the established church.

Seats to Streets

Your seat at the table with other ministers and missions thought leaders to hear and share insights.