If you have stayed with me and followed these blogs in a linear fashion, you would have just read the first step in becoming a High Impact Missions Team. These past blog posts were designed to give you the best possible next step in finding your ideal way of partnering with missionaries.

Yes, there is an ideal way for you and your church to partner with missionaries!

The first step is to lay the foundation of your why and how by creating a Decision Making Funnel. Then you can move on to your Core Convictions and Core Focuses. After that, you can tackle your Financial Support Metrics and Missions Handbook. Once that is finished, then you are on to interviewing and learning about your missionaries sending agencies. In a nutshell, that is how you find the ideal way to partner with your missionaries.

The latest statistics from Team Expansion show that there are still nearly 3 Billion people that do not have access to the Gospel. Lets put a bit of emphasis on the word access. This means that these individuals do not have the Scriptures in their language, an established and growing Christian missionary presence or any type of broadcast Christian media for them to watch or listen to. These individuals literally have no way of coming into contact with the scriptures.

Troubling huh?

If you or your church are interested in impacting these 3 Billion individuals, you can click the Let’s Connect tab in the upper right hand corner of this page to connect with me or head straight over to Team Expansion’s webpage and click the blue chat tool in the lower right hand corner of the page. They would be excited to have you working side by side with them in reaching the unreached.

Coming up in the next series of blogs, I want to walk with you further on becoming a High Impact Missions Team. I want to give you a tool that you can use to measure your teams effectiveness and allow your staff or missions team to have a benchmark to measure your effectiveness against. Everyone wants to know that their work is meaningful and making an impact. I want to be able to provide that for you and your teams.

If you would like to start that process right now, feel free to reach out to me here. Click the Let’s Connect button at the upper right hand side of the page and fill out the dialogue box. I’d love to equip you and your teams to become strategic and intentional with your local and global missions.