“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”― Leo Tolstoy

Every time I speak with a missionary I get to hear their story. We all like a good story. Hearing someones story of how God has gripped their hearts for a people group across the world is a story like none other. It moves you inside when you hear and see their passion for a people group that does not know Jesus yet. You get excited and catch their passion.

One of the key components of missionaries going to the field is raising the needed financial support in order to operate their ministry in a cross cultural setting. Currently today, the Church in the United States sends 3% of all missionaries to work with people that have never heard the Gospel before, we call these individuals Unreached People Groups. On top of that, the Church in the United States only equips these individuals going to unreached people with 1% of all missions tithes.

It’s time to change the way we do missions.

There seems to be a growing concern among a handful of churches that the traditional way we have gone about “Doing Missions” is broken. Meeting once a month as a Missions Team in order to ensure that each missionary has received that month’s support check isn’t bearing the fruit that some churches have hoped for.

It takes more than a checkbook to be effective in missions ministry.

In order to reach the remaining 3 Billion individuals that have never heard the name of Jesus yet, we need a wave of churches across the globe that seeks to change the way they do missions.

Change the way we partner with missionaries.

Change the way we pray for missionaries.

Change the way we move our people from Sunday morning seats to local and global streets.

Change the way we think about sending our own people into missions.

The days of passively preaching The Great Commission has come and gone. We must ensure our people are equipped to make disciples as they go.

Leo Tolstoy started off this blog for good reason. As church leaders, we have God-sized visions and dreams for our church. However, in order to see all people come into a relationship with Jesus, we must start with your church and how you are doing missions.

Let’s do it together! I’d love to help you and your church process the way you do missions and create the vision and route to seeing that vision come to life. If you would like to see this take place in your own church, feel free to click here or reach out to me by email at [email protected].