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A Mission Rooted in Biblica/ Discipleship

We want to give churches the tools to make committed growing disciple makers.

Our Story

Seats to Streets was created with one goal in mind. Give churches the tools to make committed growing disciple makers. Church leaders the United States have watched their congregation grow less committed to Jesus and the Church. Seats to Streets came to life when JR Horn followed God's call to join the missions sending.

Our Values

Kindom Focused

We play on a big team.
Our focus is on the health and progression of the church.
We will always point to a bigger picture and our role in establishing the Kingdom of God.

Upstream Thinking

Downstream is easy, walking upstream is hard. Instead of focusing on the symptoms, we will ask good questions that allow you to pinpoint the problem and focus on a solution.

Clarity to a Fault

Life is too short for ambiguity. Clarity brings focus and direction in order to solve the problem. Our products. teachings and coaching Will focus on bringing clarity to your situation so that you can clearly see your next step..

Practical Content

You know your Staff. You know your congregation. Leading them without knowing your next steps is a scary place to be in. You can rely on us to provide practical and accountable resources for you to move forward.

If you are a church who isn't ready to mobilize your people, then we aren't a good fit for you.

Our mentors are ready to walk alongside church leaders who are ready to mobilize their people, and leverage their combined experience to move things forward.